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Günce Sinema (lit. Journal for Cinema) consists of a group of cine-goers who came together to contribute to the cinema culture with articles that handles the films from their unique perspectives. We wanted to create our own cinema agenda and share it with our readers in a world where a huge amount of information, news, and reviews are already available about the film industry.

Under the title TIMELY, we share our reviews about the current films that caught our attention, recent developments in the cinema world, and news about film festivals.

On Günce Sinema, we review both FILM and SERIES. Under the category titled FOCUS, you can read a considerable amount of movie reviews, ranging from productions that have taken an important place in the history of cinema, to short films, animations, current films and serials, and productions that remain unnoticed.

We believe that cinema is highly connected with other fields of art and culture. We share book reviews, articles about the history of films, our essays about cinema as a field of art under the category OF CINEMA.

On the other hand, we do interviews with people working in the film industry and publish them under the title INTERVIEW. By doing so, we aim to keep the audience updated about the world of filmmaking.

One of the features that distinguish Günce Sinema from other cinema websites is our BACKSTAGE category. Here we invite & publish the notes and articles of the filmmakers who directed their films, or took part in the production of the films. You can read how they develop their ideas, bring out solutions to their problems behind the scenes. From the first draft of their script to the shooting, and even the post-production stage, we welcome all the people in the film industry to share their experiences with us.

If you want to be a part of the Günce Sinema team, or publish your experience with us, feel free to contact us anytime! We are waiting for your film reviews, articles, essays & notes about filmmaking. Contact us via guncesinema@gmail.com.

Günce Sinema sincerely welcomes your attention!


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Kübra Turangil

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Mirza Bora

Nilgün Kaynar

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Zeynep Kantarcı


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Editorial Board for English


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